Shockerline has an excellent vet that does all of our ear cropping.
We can have your pups ears cropped for you before they are shipped!! Here is a guide for you to choose your own style. Ear cropping runs $395
We don't make anything on ear cropping we only offer it as a courtesy.

"Battle Crop"            "Short Crop"            "Show Crop"             "Long crop"            

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             XXL PUPPIES               


Here it is folks! 
Puppies are 10 weeks

Shockerline's                                                              150lb Shockerline's
"Mayhem"           X       "ICK Osiris"
Shocker Lines "Mayhem"
 and the living legend ICK "Osiris"

We did this breeding to take our bloodline to the next level. If i could keep them all believe me I would, unfortunately we cant so
the remainder of the pups from this litter is a great way to increase correct proportionate size
in your own lineup without the sloppy mess that you commonly come across in the search for an XXL sized pit bull.
Dont sacrifice the athletic ability and great pitbull look by going to another kennels "giant" that they claim at 150# but looks like he could barely get off the floor.
They can keep those soft looking hippo pits.... We like'em BIG and RIPPED

This breeding brought the best XL blood in the world to produce the next generation of show stopping, chiseled, XXL American Pit Bull Terriers. If you are the type person that has to have the biggest, and baddest, but all the time also carrying a stable mind, body, and soul, well....

A deposit will reserve your pup until it is ready to come home!

Plain to see that this litter is turning out "stacked" as planned.
"The Girlz" "                The Boyz"
Call or text me for availability..
Trades being considered, turn that man toy or project into one of the baddest pups on Earth!
Two females available
Female A

Males are sold out 
Male A,B,C
 Female B
available $2500 
Male A,B,C 

Female C 





Female D

Available $3500

Female E  


Female F

Female G





For more details feel free to give us a call!
or email


Recession sale
Shockerline pit bulls understands that times are tuff for many so, feel free to contact us with any offers, deals, or trades you may have.(Turn your ATV,vehicle,boat,or rec. vehicle, or guns or anything of value into cash towards your next show shocker pitbull puppy or stud breeding.
We are not breeding to get rich rather striving to produce the most extreme pitbulls on Earth and want everyone to be able to have a  Shockerline pitbull of there own.

Contact Me For More Information About Our Dogs For Sale

Puppy Contract

  Name: Ivan Price
Phone: 231-632-2396



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