"Deacon" is now open for stud to approved females to put shredded muscle and xxl size into your program along with that one of a kind "King Lion" blood!!

Deacon is open at stud
Possible pup back deal on a premium female that compliments Deacon



"King Deacon"
           RBG's "King Lion"  X   
MDLTNZ "Miss Bone Valdez"

D.O.B: 2/2/2008
Head Size: 26"
Weight: 100 lbs. Super lean 
Reg: Dual registered ADBA and UKC
Color: Blue
Lines: RBG'S "Royal Blood Line" "Butthead"
DNA/VIP on record

   Let the others boast about there "giant" pitbull that is a heaping pile of loose slop, we keepem lean and tight. Shockerline would much rather have a dog that weighs a little less and look like a King Deacon than just pushing that we have the biggest pit on Earth but it won't leave the couch. Deacon could easily be a 120 # Pitbull if I wanted him to. I would rather have a super athletic pitbull and have him weigh in a little less than to show him as heavy as i could get him.  
  We're expecting some really great things out of this guy! Great blue color, those "SHOCKING" -KING LION- eyes only in baby blue and growing like a weed!

  "DEACON" is a direct son of "KING  LION". Check out RBGs website to see Deacon's Sire at stud for $25,000. No that's no typo either. The gene's Deacon carry are priceless.
  He will be available for limited outside breeding's to approved females. Deacon has that freak gene for producing those monster XXL pups like his sire. If your looking for a real show "SHOCKER" stud call us for details.

It was RBG's = "KING LION" and ICK's = "GIANT Q-BALL" who produced ICK'S MONSTER = "DISCIPLE"!

"OG GLOCK" is a son of "DISCIPLE", and "OG GLOCK" is our "Q-BALL" puppy's Sire.

We have ICK's = "GIANT Q-BALL" and DISCIPLE" bloodline in that female pup, as well as RBG's = "ROYAL BLOODLINE" out of "KING LION" to work with here in our "KING DEACON"!
Could lightning strike twice through the same bloodlines? Well we are sure of it. A RBG = "KING LION" son, an ICK = "GIANT Q_BALL" daughter! (ICK = "DISCIPLE" grand-daughters.)
Not to mention we have a "RBG" = "KING LION" royal bloodline daughter to work with as well in "EVOLUTION" aka: "Di".  ("See our Females page")

Haters keep haten everyone else come and get some because you know it's the best.

Keep in mind that our pitbulls do not mature until 2.5-3 yrs.

We're anxious to find out what the future will bring! Be sure to check back, and watch us grow
Photo Album / Pedigree

3yrs old

Mako 11mo.
"Mako" is closed to stud

 Completely shredded to the

"Fist Full of Dollar$"
a.k.a "Mako"

"OG Glock"X "Q-Ball"

D.O.B: 6/10/08
Head Size:25"
Weight: 110 lbs Cut
Reg: Dual registered ADBA and UKC 
Color: Blue
Lines: Iron Cross, Watchdog, Ruffian

This is our boy "Fist Full Of Dollars". 
And not even close to being filled out and just look at the chest on this monster.
  He is another puppy off of the legendary "Giant Q Ball" X "OG Glock' breeding. He is one of two males in that litter the other being "Rampage" of No Limit Kennelz. Iron Cross and No Limit Kennelz hit the nail on the head when they decided to collaborate on this one.
  The sky is the limit on this boy guys so keep watch as he grows to become the XXL stud that he was bred to be. Shockerline Pitbulls will possibly do a limited amount of outside breedings with him to see what kind of fire is thrown. No sleeping on this,   call to get a deposit for this stud before he turns into a superstar.
UPDATE: This boy is completely great! He has great height,huge chest, perfect structure, unreal shoulder muscles, all on a badass frame. I can't wait to see this boy matured! The only thing that could possibly be better than Mako is the offspring he produces. A picture may say a thousand words but they do this boy no justice. He is one you just have to see in person to really appreciate, he is a complete stunner!
Photo Album / Pedigree

Mako and Mayhem playin with the kids

This boy will add chest to any breeding
Just over 1yr

Pics are at 11 Mo. old

Ice house is open for stud to approved females at this time.
$3000 Stud fee
Possible pup back + cash possible

If your looking for the total package Stud and not trying to break the bank here is your chance.
Possible pup back deal on the right breeding.

Ice House of Shockerline

Age: 14 Mo.
Head Size: Impressive and still growing
Weight: Growing!
Color: Flashy White W/ Blue
Lines: Greyline, Ruffian, Watchdog

This blue blooded super model is a complete beast as pit bulls go. He is loaded with producing power from a line up of the worlds all stars of pit bulls. He is a direct off spring of one of the most impressive bully pit bulls on the planet..ICON. His Sire Icon sits at an impressive 130lbs. Ice house is also double bred Comet (his Granddad on the top and bottom of his ped.), arguably the best producing male on the planet. This stunner sports incredible muscle mass, a chest to die for, and heavy bone to keep it all together. Watch this boy develop into the super producer he was bred to become. He will have some incredible breedings coming up soon....
Photo Album / Pedigree

Pictures are Commando
at only 12 months old
Already at the 120 lb mark!
open to approved females for stud
 Or $3500 and a pup back

AKA "XL Masterpiece"
AKA "Cha-Chiiinnng"
(Rage Against  the Machine X AK-Kisses)


Age: 12 mo.
Head Size: Gonna be huge
Weight: 120lbs lean
Color: White and Perfect blue
Lines:Iron Cross, watchdog, Ruffian

  Here is our boy Commando, He is offspring to the one and only Rage Against the Machine and AK-Kisses of Great lakes Bullyz. This boy carries a pedigree rival by no other kennel in the Universe. Whether its his imaculate structure, chiseled muscle,  monster block head, or the 5Xs Iron Tyson blood running through this monsters veins! That's right folks, I said it. 5Xs Tyson. As if that alone wasn't enough then let us include the other top of the game ancestors that are also in this boys pedigree. Names like: Rage, a 120lb monster, 3Xs Disciple, sporting the biggest dome in the game at a true 28 in., 3Xs Giant Qball, the super producer, 3Xs King Lion, one of, if not the best male producer of all time.
 These are all ancestors that are in the first 4 generations of the pedigree, not watered down back in the nose bleeds. Long story short this boy is produced from many years of select breeding of only the finest XL and XXL pitbulls in existence. Nowhere will you find this pedigree again and in no way could this be replicated by any other kennel in the world. When purchasing a pup sired by this monster XL pit Bull expect only the finest in temperament, build, size, and that overall shockerline style. Stay tuned for this boys upcoming breedings!
Photo Album / Pedigree

Osiris is open to stud to approved females.
Stud fee is $5000
or $2500 and a pick puppy back from outstanding females only please.
ICKs Osiris

Head: Are you kidding ;) 
Weight: 112-115
Reg: UKC

ICKs Osiris...All I can say I wow! This boy has been one of the few dogs in the XL world I have always wanted a piece of. Unbelievably here he is right here at Shocker Line Pit bulls. It took a few years but it was meant to be and we have an incredible future lined up with this monster. Osiris has produced some of the most incredible offspring I,ve ever seen. The producing power speaks for itself ever time this boy meets girl. He passes along his superb temperament, amazing chest, perfect block head, and muscular structure to each of his puppies. I have honestly seen with my own eyes some of, if not the most amazing pups ever out of Osiris. Complete, total package is what this boy is. The closest thing to having your very own Osiris is owning one of his offspring. Prepare yourself for greatness!
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